Friday, December 12, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts recently

I went away at the end of November for 5 days and since returning have had a very blinky internet connection so I've been unable to post anything for ya. My connection has improved a bit recently so I'm gonna post some drum & bass 12"s starting with a whole bunch by producer Rupert Parkes [see HERE for wikipedia article]. Hopefully should be posting a lot more goodies for the festive season too so stay tuned.

If you've any requests you'd like to make or any suggestions I'd love to hear from you. All your comments are greatly appreciated by this writer (it makes me feel like doing this blog is worth the effort I put into it).

So sorry again for no posts recently but come back tomorrow and a whole bunch will be up!


SLAM said...

hey man, i really appreciate what youre doing with uploaded these photek vinyls at high quality KBPS.
do you mind recommend me any drum and bass like photek?

Teenage Riot said...

Thanks for leaving your comment SLAM. As you can see I've been caught up with life and not posted anything this year - until now that is. And I've picked up right where I left off last with more D&B from Rupert Parkes aka Photek under his other aliases so I recomend you download those first.

As for other D&B like Photek I don't know so much. I always thought that the Photek sound was a fairly unique thing. The closest comparison nowadays I think is dark sounding Dubstep sounds like Kode9 or Burial. As for D&B artists I highly recommend Dom & Roland (track down the Industry CD on Moving Shadow, I have a rip I might post at some point), Ed Rush & Optical (Wormholes being the first release to check out, may very likely post that one too) and you could do no worse than check out LTJ Bukem/Good Looking records who produced/published a load of cool tunes back in the nineties (getting quite boring and rubbish as a lot of D&B did in the noughties)

Hope I've been helpful!