Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Current 93 - Monohallucinatory Mountain

Label: Coptic Cat
Catalog#: nife0006cd
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 16 May 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Neofolk
Notes: To celebrate C93's appearance at the Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen festival, Coptic Cat have created a MONOPHONIC version of the album. The album comes in a jewel-case, has a full-colour 20 page booklet with all the text and fantastic—and utterly different—photos of all the band. All the tracks have been renamed for this album, and are printed, as is the text on the cover of the album, in a German Black Letter Gothic font. To our ears the album sounds very different in mono; more savage, harder, more overwhelming.
1,000 copies have been manufactured

1 Tyranny Of Stars (8:48)
2 Small Of Destroyer (5:20)
3 Oh Microwave, Oh Galaxy Kill (8:11)
4 Six Or 3 Suns (5:13)
5 Rise Of The Butterfly (We Are Not The Disco) (5:56)
6 Murderer (10:14)
7 Queen Morning (Kissing Rain, Killing Stars) (10:00)

Download [114MB WinRAR. MP3's @ 320kBit/s]
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Stv63 said...

Excellent Thank You Thank You
Thank You.

And in return

Leipzig - Agrahalle 2009-05-30


Peacock said...

Awesome post! Thanks for all the C93!

Teenage Riot said...

Peacock and Stv63, you're both very welcome and your taking the time to leave comment is much appreciated.

Stv63 - Your blog is absolutely excellent sir! And thank you for the C93 which I shall download immediately, can't wait to hear these songs in their live setting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks , interested to hear this.
I do wonder if a vinyl LP would be the better than CD for a mono mix?