Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Various - Brainwaves 2008

Label: Brainwashed Recordings
Catalog#: BRAIN013
Format: 3 x CD, Limited Edition, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 21 Nov 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Noise, Trip Hop, Shoegaze, Glitch, Drone, Dub, Experimental
Notes: Limited to 500 copies; originally sold at the Brainwaves 2008 festival.

1-1 Boduf Songs - Left Behind Like A Piece Of Shit (5:14)
1-2 Lichens - Time And Light (Version) (19:49)
1-3 Rivulets feat. Jessica Bailiff - Broken Hearted Wine (3:50)
1-4 Meat Beat Manifesto - Apathetic Sympathetic (3:50)
1-5 To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie - You've Gone Too Far (8:52)
1-6 Reformed Faction - Fast Falls The Eventide (3:22)
1-7 His Name Is Alive - The Silver Piano (5:36)
1-8 Christina Carter - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (3:45)
1-9 Lambs Laughter - Tuesday Edit (5:37)

2-1 A Place To Bury Strangers - Get On (2:41)
2-2 Nudge - Cymatic (5:38)
2-3 Marissa Nadler - Lonesome (4:02)
2-4 Strategy - Mossy Channels (8:36)
2-5 Andrew Liles and Jonathan Coleclough - Burnt (10:02)
2-6 The Threshold HouseBoys Choir - Cap Rot Taxi (8:02)
2-7 Christoph Heemann and Andreas Martin - Fussgaenger (3:41)
2-8 Stars Of The Lid - May 2nd 2008 (Live In NYC) (8:05)
2-9 Nurse With Wound - Ketamineaphonia (5:36)
2-10 Little Annie and Paul Wallfisch - Adriana (5:32)

3-1 Meat Beat Manifesto - Reanimator Pts 5-8 (8:09)
3-2 Glenn Jones - 1337 Shattuck Ave (Longfellow) (8:49)
3-3 Major Stars - Sleeve (8:33)
3-4 Manorexia - Vika (4:25)
3-5 Silver Apples - Beethovan Jambalaya (7:07)
3-6 Matmos - Reggaeton Casio (3:04)
3-7 Windy Weber - Voices (8:31)
3-8 Gary Wilson - Secret Girl (3:16)
3-9 Kid 606 - Tomorrow (5:02)
3-10 Baby Dee - Assin' The Couch (3:15)

Download Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 [199/199/6.42MB WinRAR. MP3's @ 320kBit/s. All three parts are needed to extract the files]
Password: teenageriotblog.blogspot.com

There is still a very small quantity of this excellent compilation available for the ridiculously low price of $15 with free shipping worldwide (yes thats right, FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!) from Brainwashed HERE. I think that's a bargain and all proceeds go towards the costs of putting on next years Brainwaves Festival. Without your support this wonderful event can't go on so please, if you like it - buy it and support the label and artists.


Cris said...

hello... thank you for all the awesome and hard to find music you have on your blog here. i originally found my way here through the comment you left on weescoosa blogspot page re: the live nww in sf being corrupt. anyways, i was also interested in dl'ing the brainwaves 2008, but found that all 3 links had been taken down off of the hosting site. would there be any chance of it being reuploaded? or is it still available to buy? so many great artists on there and quite a few songs i've not heard yet.


killingtheteratoma said...

I am wanting to get this from Jon but he only has CD-R's and so I wanted to hear it before I did but the Crappyshare file had an "error". I didn't know if this was on your side or Crappyshare's. If the link is down would you mind reloading it if you weren't asked to take it down, of course. I do appreciate it. :)

Teenage Riot said...

Thanks for your requests to re-up this guys, I've been lazy and not blogging for a while but have decided to get busy now :-)

This blog got hit by an anonymous internet troll/self appointed cop who left an unpublishable comment and reported the link's to rapidshare who unfortunately deleted the files. Now if it was Jon Whitney himself who contacted me requesting I remove the links I would have done so immediately, however it was just some worthless piece of scum who thinks it is their duty to act as the internet police because he/she has no life of their own. Sorry to say there are such people out there!

Anyway, cut a long story short I'm re-upping the comp. again and hopefully you can get it to listen now.

killingtheteratoma: I had a check on Brainwashed and there is still some copies of this listed for only $15 p.p.worldwide (not sure if they're in stock though) but well worth buying as a) it's very limited edition b) there's some great music on this comp. c) you're supporting Mr. Whitney and the brainwaves festival who need all the support they can get, and d) $15 is a bargain! I bet the postage from USA to Europe is about 8 or 9 $$'s alone!!!